Up work

Upwork/Fiver Freelancing

Course Duration; 2 months

Contact: 03000095043
Email: admin@maliksoftwarehouse.com.pk

What you’ll learn

• What is the Freelancer
• How to star work freelancer
• What is the main platform for working freelancer
• How to becoming success on the Fiverr
• How to create each and every profile on the platform
• What is the main requirements for work on this platform


Hello there! Are you lucking for becoming successful in freelancing? This is the real place for learning about the freelance (Own Freelancing, Fiverr, Upwork, Peoples per hour, Seo Clarke, and Ect ). Also, this is the right place for learning about how to build your own business.

‘With this course, you can learn.
• How to start own freelancing business
• How to maintain own freelancer business properly
• How to overcome competition in the freelancer business
• How to change life-style to the freelancer
• What is the major requirement for becoming a successful freelancer?
• How to become rich within the short time period
• Best practices of freelancing communication
• How to setup Fiverr account and Fiverr seller account properly
• Fiverr SEO
• How to drive traffic with SEO
• How to Create Fiverr GIG Titel using SEO secret
• How to create Fiverr GIG Description with SEO
• How to get more orders on Fiverr GIG
• How to become successes on Upwork
• How to become successes on Peoples per hour
• How to become successes on the SEO Clarke
• How to become successes on Freelancer
• How to become successes on GURU

Another special benefit for students:
• Lifetime personal support for becoming successful with freelancer
• 100% practical course with experience
• practical proof for becoming successful with freelancer network
• Direct Whatapp support, if have any problem with freelancing
• Able to work with 25 freelancer network
Please, Lean this course carefully and If you want to become a success online because freelancing is a very profitable business.
Who this course is for:
• Beginner of Freelancing
• Anyone who, Find the opportunity to make money online
• Beginner of Fiverr freelancing with 24+ other freelancing network

Who this course is for:

• Interest peoples for “Make Money Online”
• Interest peoples for earning extra income
• Interest peoples for “get reach with short of time pried “
• Begginer of the Fiverr Freelancing
• Begginer of the Freelancing