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Content Writer

Zartash Gul

Hi there, I am Zartash. I am a freelancer and can write all types of content, essays, copy-paste,
and all types of assignments. I specialize in writing blog posts and articles, proofreading and
editing, creative website content, product descriptions, scripts, press releases, social work, and
speeches. I put my 100% into every work I take. My work ethic and sense of commitment have
always helped me stand out. I will deliver high-quality, versatile, sharp, original content. I look
forward to working with you!

Candidate sourcer & Technical Recruiting specialist

Muhammad Hmaza

I’m a Professional Technical Recruiter & candidate sourcing Expert with over 03+ years of experience.
I’ve held Corporate positions in Technology Companies ranging from Head of Talent sourcing to Lead
I have a good set of soft skills and always optimize my work to a maximum, customer-oriented.
I am a continuous learner, always trying to improve myself as a professional, and also as an individual.
Let’s get in touch today! I’m available for a phone or video call on any day of the week.
Looking forward to working with you.
Muhammad Hamza M.

Expert WordPress Developer

Malik Rashid

My name is Malik Rashid. I am a hard-working, reliable freelance web developer. I love being in
this line of work because I am passionate about technology, design, and innovation.WordPress
is my niche, and I think it is a great solution as a Content Management System for website
design and development. It is user-friendly, while at the same time offering unlimited potential
to build unique websites with custom design and features.

SEO Specialist, Linkbuilder, Internet Marketer

Muhammad Farhan Tahir

Iam SEO Specialist, But always choose the right person for right task. Google world is becoming
very challenging now a day, there are lot of algorithm updates rolled out that makes SEO much
harder than before.
Understanding that SEO is important for your website is the easy part. Higher rankings equal
more traffic which equals more leads and sales. The tough choice is whether you are ready to
invest in quality SEO.
Work with me today and let me get you the results that are critical to your online business
Thanks For Everyone!
Muhammad Farhan Tahir.

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Marketing Instructor

Donna Carroll

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PHP Instructor

Scott Valdez

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