Content Writing

Course Duration; 2 months

Contact: 03000095043

What you’ll learn

• Discover a strategic approach to Content Writing for your own website, or for others
• Understand the different types of Content Writing
• Learn how to optimize your efficiency as a writer, using simple workflows and tools
• Learn about and master the SEO Article Writing method
• Understand which niches to pick, and which ones to avoid in order to grow your site and traffic
• Master topic selection and search intent, to ensure that you are not writing in vain
• Acquire an in depth understanding of which AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps can help, and which are a waste of time
• Sit over my shoulder as I take a Google-optimized article all the way from keyword (topic) research all the way through to publication
• Learn how to outline articles rapidly and thoroughly – a critical skill for success
• Discover my own research process that saves huge amounts of time in creating original and valuable content, and in fact checking
• Know the best approach to writing at high quality and speed
• Acquire a clear cut editing and proofing process that saves huge amounts of time and effort
• Learn the very best ways to optimize articles to stand the very best chance for Google to rank them, so that you get clicks to your website
• Get clear about the best ways to structure, format, and publish articles in WordPress
• Understand how to track your results simply, accurately, and for free


How To Write Great Content Effortlessly
If you struggle to write content that ranks on Google easily…regardless of your expertise, this is the most important page you’ll see today.
I’ll show you why in a minute.
Everybody Knows
Writing high-quality content quickly and easily that ranks on Google is next to impossible, right?
The Content Writing Course
This opportunity can massively boost the quality and quantity of the content you write and publish and increase your earnings – by following a simple and repeatable process.
It serves as the basis for repurposing long-form articles you write into shorter pieces and other forms of content – social media campaigns, podcasts, webinars, eBooks….the list is endless.
This course could be the difference between sitting on the sidelines OR grabbing the content-writing bull by the horns and writing like a pro.
Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside:
• How I reduce my time researching topics (keywords) on which to write from hours to just minutes while finding low-competition ‘longtail’ topics that attract clicks others struggle to find.
• Why researching and fact-checking long-form articles almost drove me crazy, and how I found a solution to this that all writers can use.

Who this course is for:

• Website owners who wish to use their blog to attract traffic
• Online entrepreneurs who wish to understand how to use content writing to attract an audience
• Digital marketers who know that content writing is a core skill, either to use themselves or to outsource
• Freelance content writers who wish to increase their skills and earnings
• Bloggers who want to take their content writing to the next level
• Writers of any background, who wish to learn how to optimize writing for the Internet
• Content Marketers looking for a proven content writing process to plug into their overall efforts
• Absolute beginners who want to know more about SEO content writing, and have an A-Z guide for the future
• Those who wish to start a career or side-income in content writing
• Content writing editors, who wish to acquire new and faster ways to do their job
• Anyone interested in ranking on Google via informational articles
• Anyone who owns or is responsible for a website
• Anyone who wants to understand better how Google operates now and in the future viz ranking written content
• Anyone who wishes to grow their business with content marketing
• Anyone who has a blog, at any level
• Anyone who would like to start freelance writing for the web
• Anyone who has been asked by their company to write an article, or series of articles
• The course is NOT for those who are looking for entirely automated writing solutions, which will fail in the near future. The course DOES cover a series of AI-writing assistants that will massively help content writers writers accomplish their goals